Change Healthcare: Latest updates on EFT, ERA, and 835 files

May 2, 2024

Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve disruption from Change Healthcare’s cyber security incident. As an organization, we are focused on ensuring access to care and medications for our customers and patients, while also ensuring that you have alternative options to transact with us as needed.

Zelis continues to issue payments for all claims

As a reminder, we have partnered with Zelis to issue payments for all claims submitted to Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage, including any outstanding claims that you previously submitted:

  • To Change Healthcare prior to February 21;
  • To another vendor (e.g., Availity); or
  • Directly to Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage

Zelis is also responsible for issuing payments for any new claims that you submit directly to us or through another vendor.

Latest updates

  • Please note that retroactive 835s are available through Availity for any paper checks received to date. If you are not currently signed up with Availity, the 835 file will not initially be available.
  • Current electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic remittance advice (ERA) services are available through Zelis.

Receive digital payments

  • Zelis set up a Zelis ePayment Center, where you can register for electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic remittance advice (ERA) services from Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage at no cost to you. Electronic payments will begin as soon as your setup is complete.
  • If you haven’t already, you can upgrade to ACH+ through the Zelis Payments Network and streamline your payments and remittances from an additional 450+ payers through a single portal. You can customize your payment and data preferences, including clearinghouse delivery. Virtual cards are also available. To enroll, please contact Zelis at 1.855.496.1571.
  • Please note that if you are already part of the Zelis Payments Network and currently receive electronic payments from them, Zelis will transfer you to electronic payments for these claims as soon as possible, and no action is needed by you.

Reconnecting our system with Change Healthcare

At this time, Change Healthcare has not fully restored their impacted environment, but has shared that they are working on multiple approaches to restore services and reconnect with customers and partners in the coming weeks.

Please know that Cigna Healthcare has high standards for security from all vendors and will only reestablish connection with Change Healthcare services when proper validation of the security of their environment has been determined. This cannot take place until after Change Healthcare has indicated that they have securely and successfully restored their impacted services to the satisfaction of The Cigna Group’s standards for security.

Therefore, we cannot commit to a specific timeline right now for when Cigna Healthcare’s systems will be reconnected to Change Healthcare. As a result, certain claims submitted to Change Healthcare on (or just prior to) February 21 may not have a payment released until Change Healthcare is back online and we reconnect our systems to them.

We also recognize and appreciate that many providers have switched to a new claims clearinghouse and may have already resubmitted claims that were previously submitted to Change Healthcare. Payments received from another clearinghouse will be released by Zelis in accordance with what was described above.

Additional information

As a reminder, we encourage you to continue to work through an alternative vendor to submit claims (i.e., 837 transactions) to us while our systems remain severed to Change Healthcare. For a list of alternative vendors to work with, please visit > View Provider Manual (pages 13–15).

If you have any questions about Cigna Healthcare’s reaction to the Change Healthcare incident, please contact your Provider Relations Representative or Provider Customer Service at 800.230.6138. If you have any questions about Zelis’ new payment options, please contact them at 833.306.0337.

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