Enhanced benefits for your patients in 2024

April 1, 2024

With more than 26 million people currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, accounting for 42 percent of the total Medicare population, demand for high-quality and affordable health care options continues to grow. To meet these needs in 2024, we’re providing more comprehensive health benefits than ever before for customers with Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans.

2024 plan enhancements

In 2024, our plans will offer increased flexibility and simplicity to help customers get healthier.

Percentage Will have:
     100%Fitness, dental, eyewear, meal and hearing aid benefits
(with D-SNP*)
$0 copayment for Part D-covered drugs
       95%$0 primary care provider copayment
       88%A flat or reduced premium
       74%$0 premium
       88%An over-the-counter benefit
       87%A grocery and utility allowance
       73%$0 premium plan
       54%Transportation benefit

Expanded markets in 2024

We now offer Medicare Advantage plans in over half of the U.S. and serve 387,000 seniors — and we’re continuing to grow. In 2024, we’ve expanded our plans into the state of Nevada. We’ve also added:

  • Medicare Advantage plans in 25 new counties.
  • Health maintenance organization (HMO) plans in 10 new counties.
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO) plans in 22 new counties.

New plan features in 2024

New and enhanced benefits** in 2024 will help you to close coverage gaps and impact Star measures.

  • Insulin coverage. All Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plans offer select Tier 3 insulins at a copayment of up to $35 per month at preferred and standard pharmacies.
  • Dental care. All medical plans include dental care – either preventive or preventive and comprehensive – through either a dental allowance or a traditional dental HMO plan. You can identify patients with dental plans by the tooth icon on the front of their ID card.
  • Vision care. All plans offer supplemental vision benefits, including routine eye exams that include refraction, flexible lenses and frames or contacts, and after-cataract surgery glasses (lenses and frames or contacts) from participating providers.
  • Hearing coverage. All plans include hearing benefits to provide easy access to routine hearing exams and evaluations, fittings, and hearing aid devices.
  • Fitness benefit. All plans offer a supplemental fitness benefit that includes premium fitness locations and experiences, one-on-one telephonic coaching, a variety of home fitness kits and a free fitness tracker.
  • Home-delivered meals. All plans offer a meal supplement. High-quality, nutritious frozen meals are delivered to customers in inpatient or skilled nursing facilities, or to those with end-stage renal disease.
  • Advance care directives. All plans include access to advance directive services through Koda Health (formerly only offered to D-SNP customers).
  • In-home medical care. All plans in select markets will offer Dispatch Health in-home medical services for nonemergency care when the customer’s provider office is closed.
  • 100-day prescription drug supply. Select plans in Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio and Utah offer a 100-day medication supply at the same copayment as a 90-day supply for covered drugs from Tiers 1‒4.

Continued plan benefit features from 2023

In addition to the new benefits, customers with our plans continue to have access to many current plan features.**

  • Provider of choice. Customers can generally see the provider of their choice, thanks to our extensive provider network. Additionally, those with PPO plan coverage can go to any participating or nonparticipating Medicare provider without a referral (required for some HMO plans).
  • $0 copayment for diabetic supplies. Customers have a $0 copayment for select brand diabetic supplies. They’re also eligible for one glucose monitor and one continuous glucose monitoring device every two years, and 200 glucose test strips or three sensors per 30-day period (depending on the monitor).
  • Part B rebate plans. Customers who pay their own Part B premiums are eligible for a rebate.
  • In-home support. Customers may have access to Papa Pals for companionship and help with daily living activities, either virtually or in-home.
  • Telehealth services. Customers can access non-emergency medical care, behavioral health care, physical therapy, and speech therapy virtually or by phone. Behavioral health visits are covered at $0, and physical and speech therapy visits are covered at $0 at network-participating providers.
  • Transportation benefit. Customers can access help with nonemergency health-related transportation needs within 70 miles via van, taxi, wheelchair-equipped vehicle, or rideshare services.
  • Caregiver support system. Customers and their caregivers have access to our support system with no copayment.
Healthy Today card
The Cigna Healthy Today card is a prepaid Visa debit card that helps customers more easily access their plan perks and benefits, along with the financial rewards they earn when they complete certain preventive health screenings and activities. The card can be used to cover out-of-pocket expenses or to extend some benefits already included in their plan.*
Card features include:
  • Cost-sharing reductions to help pay for dental, vision and/or hearing services.
  • Over-the-counter health-related items allowance for in-store, online and catalog purchases.
  • Quarterly healthy grocery and utility service allowances.
  • Yearly pet care allowance.
  • Fitness supply allowance.

Reminder: The Open Enrollment Period runs January 1‒March 31. Encourage your Medicare patients who could benefit from Medicare Advantage to enroll.

* Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan
** Benefits may vary according to plan and location

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