Identifying and preventing common coding errors

May 22, 2024

As part of our commitment to the health of our customers, Cigna Healthcare takes reasonable steps to ensure that claim coding is accurate and complete. This includes annually identifying common coding errors and educating providers about them.

Listed below are the most common coding errors, along with questions to ask before coding a claim.

Coding errorBefore assigning a code, ask:
Traumatic versus acquired amputationDoes the documentation support a traumatic or acquired amputation?
Acute versus sequela codeIs this an initial or residual effect?
History of cancer versus active cancerHas the cancer been excised or eradicated without current active treatment?
Polyneuropathy in disease classified elsewhere – G63Is there an appropriate underlying disease documented?
Contradiction of diagnosis within the medical recordAre there contradictions between the Health Maintenance Record/360 and the progress note being submitted?
Diagnosis listed on the claim not found in the medical recordIs the diagnosis listed on a claim addressed in the medical chart?

Documentation and coding resources

To help ensure you’re following the International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD-10) Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting and to learn additional details about common coding errors, access our Documentation and Coding Resources.


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