Incentives drive preventive screening adherence

April 1, 2024

Do you have reluctant, high-risk patients who put off annual health screenings? Incentives can encourage patient adherence to these important appointments. We reward patients with Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage coverage for getting routine and preventive screenings, which provides additional motivation and can benefit your practice, too.

The Cigna Healthy Today® card helps drive adherence with your treatment plan and recommended health screenings. The card has several new benefits for 2024, ranging from out-of-pocket discounts to features designed to address social determinants of health gaps. Even better, there’s less paperwork for your practice.

The card gives your patients easy, convenient access to healthy incentives and rewards, as well as to other supplemental benefits (these can vary by location and plan). They can earn up to $200, depending on their plan, for the following health screenings:

Yearly health check-up (must complete to earn other rewards)$30
Diabetes management (must complete two different diabetes screenings)$30
Colorectal screening$15 (1 or 3 year)
$30 (5 or 10 year)
Bone density screening$25
Get started with Silver&Fit® (fitness center, coaching, home kit)$10
Keep going with Silver&Fit (complete 12 workouts or coaching)$10
Community engagement (complete an activity to connect with others)$10
Cigna Healthcare online engagement (complete any activity at$5

How the card works

  1. Patients complete healthy living activities, beginning with a yearly checkup, to earn rewards.
  2. Reward dollars are automatically loaded to patients’ Cigna Healthy Today card. (Providers don’t have to sign incentive forms; they simply file the claim for the service and the reward is automatically loaded.)
  3. Patients can use rewards for health and wellness products at participating retailers.

A win-win for patients and providers

Adherence with preventive screenings drives overall patient health, early identification of chronic conditions, and practice loyalty. Patients who:

  • Have Cigna Healthcare Medicare Advantage health plan coverage and earned a yearly health incentive in 2022 were more than 20 percent more likely to follow through with additional recommended preventive health screenings.
  • Received a screening incentive were more likely to proactively engage with their provider throughout the year on other health issues.
  • Earned a health care incentive responded more favorably regarding their health care experience on the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems survey and the Health Outcomes Survey.
  • Took advantage of the preventive health screenings and related incentives were more likely to remain with their provider practice.

Your patients can learn more by visiting or by logging in to > Wellness > View My Incentives.

An overview for providers is available at > Provider Resources > Forms and Practice Support > Provider Patient Preventive Screening Incentives Overview.

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