Your Cigna Healthcare Medicare Market Medical Executives

April 1, 2024

Cigna Healthcare Market Medical Executives (MMEs) are market-based physicians who consult with network participating providers to deliver affordable, predictable and simple health care for your patients with Medicare Advantage plan coverage. Their clinical expertise can help you:

  • Grow your practice by optimizing network opportunities.
  • Improve patient health outcomes.
  • Promote quality-based incentive programs.
  • Contain medical costs.

Contact your MME to:

  • Learn how to use Medicare Advantage to drive outstanding health outcomes for your patients.
  • Get general information about Cigna’s clinical policies and programs.
  • Ask questions about your specific practice and utilization patterns.
  • Report or request assistance with a quality concern involving your patients with Cigna MA coverage.
  • Request or discuss recommendations for improvements or development of our health advocacy, affordability or cost-transparency programs.
  • Recommend specific physicians or facilities for inclusion in our networks, or identify clinical needs within networks.
  • Identify opportunities to enroll your patients in Cigna health advocacy programs.
Alabama/Northwest Florida/MississippiAnjanetta Foster,
ArizonaKen Puckett,
Arkansas/TennesseeNelson Mangione,
Colorado/Nevada/New Mexico/Oregon/Utah/WashingtonBrian Davidson,
Connecticut/New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania/Delaware/MarylandAlla Zilbering,
Central Florida/South Carolina/South FloridaEric Wurst,
DC/Georgia/Massachusetts/North Carolina/VirginiaBob Coxe,
Illinois/Missouri/OhioTeresa Ramos,
Oklahoma/TexasAlfred Wettermark,

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