2024–2025 Cigna Healthcare Centers of Excellence designations

July 1, 2024

The Cigna Healthcare Centers of Excellence (COE) program is designed to meet the growing customer demand for information about patient outcomes (quality) and cost efficiency at hospitals.

Through this program, we provide hospital profiles based on the evaluation of patient outcomes and cost-efficiency information for 18 surgical procedures and medical conditions. These profiles are available for most participating hospitals.

Hospitals can receive a score of up to three stars for patient outcomes and up to three stars for cost-efficiency for each surgical procedure and medical condition evaluated. Hospitals that achieve at least five stars – three stars for patient outcomes plus two stars for cost efficiency OR three stars for cost efficiency plus two stars for patient outcomes – receive the COE designation for that surgical procedure or medical condition.

2024 and 2025 COE designations

Currently, the 2021 COE designations are displayed in our online provider directories at Cigna.com and myCigna.com. We are extending the time frame for these COE designations; they will remain in effect and their profiles will continue to display through December 31, 2025.

A full description of the methods we used to determine our 2024–2025 Cigna Healthcare Centers of Excellence results is available at Cigna.com/CentersOfExcellence.

For more information or to request reconsideration

To obtain hospital-specific COE results, request reconsideration of results, or request correction of inaccuracies, email PhysicianEvaluationInformationRequest@Cigna.com or send a fax to 866.448.5506. The email or fax should include the facility’s name, Taxpayer Identification Number, and contact information for the person making the request.

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