2025 Cigna Care Designation reconsideration requests due August 23

July 1, 2024

Cigna Healthcare regularly evaluates the quality and cost-efficiency information of network-participating providers in 21 specialty types, including primary care. Physicians who meet specific criteria may receive the Cigna Care Designation (CCD), which denotes a higher-performing provider based on the criteria outlined in the 2025 Quality, Cost Efficiency, and Cigna Care Designation methodology white paper.

CCD information may also be used to help determine a provider’s tier for plans with a tiered benefit design. Customers enrolled in a plan with tiered benefits may pay a lower copayment or coinsurance for covered servcies rendered by Tier 1 providers.

2025 results sent to providers in July

On July 1 2024, communications were sent to primary care providers and specialists in the affected specialties and markets informing them how to obtain their 2025 quality, cost-efficiency, and CCD profile directory display results.* It will include instructions on how to request reports, review results, submit inquiries, and submit changes or reconsideration requests.

2025 CCD and Tier 1 provider displays

Beginning in October 2024, providers who received the 2025 Tier 1 status will be noted in our directories on Cigna.com and myCigna.com. This will help customers to make decisions about provider selection during the open enrollment period.

Beginning January 1, 2025, the CCD and Tier 1 provider status will become effective. Providers who earned the 2025 CCD will have the CCD symbol ( ) display next to their name. The 2025 quality displays will be viewable on Cigna.com and myCigna.com. The 2025 cost-efficiency displays will be viewable on myCigna.com.

When amended results will appear in online directories

Reconsideration requests that we receive by August 23, 2024, and that result in a change in designation status, will be viewable in the online directories on Cigna.com and myCigna.com beginning in October 2024. Requests received after August 23, and that result in a change of status, will display on these websites after October 2024 when we publish updates again.

For more information or to request reconsideration

To review additional quality and cost-efficiency information, obtain a full description of the methodology and data that our decisions were based on, request correction of inaccuracies, request reconsideration of your quality or cost-efficiency results, or submit additional information, email PhysicianEvaluationInformationRequest@Cigna.com or send a fax to 866.448.5506.

When submitting a request, include your:

  • Full name and telephone number.
  • Practice name and full address.
  • Practice email address or fax number.
  • Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Reason for the request.
  • Supporting documentation, if applicable.

A Quality Clinical Manager will contact you after we receive your request to provide additional details about the program and your profile results. 


You can view a full description of the methodology we used to determine 2025 provider quality, cost efficiency, and CCD results at Cigna.com/CignaCareDesignation.

* Providers in certain markets received actual results in compliance with state regulations.

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