Brand evolution migrates some emails to Cigna Healthcare or Evernorth Health Services

June 28, 2024

As part of our brand evolution under The Cigna Group, which includes the Cigna Healthcare and Evernorth® Health Services brands, you may notice that some employees who historically had in their email address now have an @CignaHealthcare email address. Additionally, general email boxes that historically had an email address may now have either an or email address.

This brand migration more closely aligns our teams with the various business lines and functions they support within The Cigna Group.

What this means

  • The way you use these email boxes to interact and communicate with us has not changed, nor does it affect how you do business with us.
  • Emails sent to email addresses will continue to be delivered without interruption on an interim basis to ensure a seamless experience for you and your staff.
  • Voicemail boxes may also have a new outgoing recording reflecting the Cigna Healthcare or Evernorth brand.
  • Emails that you may receive from employees of Cigna Healthcare or Evernorth are valid and secure, and utilize the same security protocols and standards to safeguard the transmission of vital and confidential information that support key processes.

As our brand evolves, we remain part of one team dedicated to the same mission, values, strategy, and goals—to improve the health and vitality of our customers and deliver an exceptional provider experience.

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