and EFT fraud prevention

April 1, 2024

Fraudulent activity related to website access and electronic funds transfer (EFT) is on the rise. Every day, many providers perform EFT and other transactions on the Cigna for Health Care Professionals website ( for their patients with Cigna Healthcare medical or dental plans. That’s why it’s important to regularly ensure that only the appropriate people in your organization have access to and that you continually monitor your accounts.

Important ways Cigna Healthcare protects your information and accounts on

  • Only the designated website access manager(s) within your organization can control who has access to and its functions (such as the ability to enroll in EFT), not Cigna Healthcare.
  • Two-step authentication is required.
  • Technology continues to be implemented to help identify fraud and payment risks.

Important ways you can prevent EFT fraud

Your practice:

  • Ensure only the appropriate people in your organization are set up as a website access manager.
  • Monitor accounts for any unauthorized transactions.
  • Look out for suspicious or phishing emails.

Your website access manager:

  • Review new user requests carefully.
    • Is the email extension correct?
    • Can you look up the user in a work directory or is the request from someone you trust?
  • Limit access for the EFT Enrollment and Management entitlement to only the individuals who perform those functions.
  • Audit users routinely by:
    • Reviewing their entitlements to ensure they are still aligned with the users’ role.
    • Removing user access from those who have left the practice or are not using the website.

To access the delegation history report:

  • Log in to
    • Navigate to the Working with Cigna drop-down menu.
    • Select Delegation History Report.

Your continued vigilance is vital.

Working together, we can prevent EFT fraud and keep your patients’ accounts secure.

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