Quick Guide to Cigna ID Cards

April 1, 2024

The Quick Guide to Cigna ID Cards contains samples of the most common customer ID cards for Cigna Healthcare managed care plans, Individual & Family Plans, Medicare Advantage plans, Cigna Global Health Benefits® plans, Cigna Choice Fund® plans, Shared Administration Repricing plans, strategic alliance plans, Cigna Healthcare + Oscar plans, and indemnity plans.

How to access the guide

The guide is available online as a PDF. Go to Cigna.com > For Providers > Coverage and Claims > Coverage Policies: ID Cards. We encourage you to bookmark this page to help ensure you access the most up-to-date information because we occasionally make updates to the guide.

What’s in the guide

The guide contains descriptions of the plans and shows corresponding sample ID cards with callouts that help define and clarify information that appears on them.

  • To learn more about a featured Cigna Healthcare ID card, match the circled numbers on the card with the key that appears on the subsequent page.
  • To learn more about each plan, read the plan description to the left of the key.
  • To view sample ID card information you might see on your patients’ myCigna App, go to “The myCigna App” page.
  • To find the contacts you need to get in touch with us for information about your patients with Cigna Healthcare coverage, go to the “Important contact information” page near the back of the guide.

As a reminder, the sample ID cards in the guide are for illustrative purposes only. Always be sure to check the front and back of a patient’s actual ID card to help ensure you have the correct benefits and contact information.

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