Your care may be in network under a strategic alliance plan

April 1, 2024

Occasionally, a patient may present an ID card that was issued by a health care company with which you’re not a network-participating provider. Please be aware that if the Cigna Healthcare name is displayed anywhere on the patient’s ID card, the health plan may be a Cigna Healthcare strategic alliance and your care may be considered in network.

You should treat your patients with strategic alliance plans the same way that you treat those with other Cigna Healthcare medical plans. They are all covered under your Cigna Healthcare agreement.

Our strategic alliances: Nationally recognized health plans

We have established strategic alliances with several nationally recognized health care companies. They include:

  • HealthPartners®
  • MVP® Health Care
  • Priority Health

How strategic alliance plans work

  • Customers must use participating providers in the network aligned with their alliance plan when they are in the alliance service area. However, they can use any Cigna Healthcare network-participating provider or hospital when traveling, or if they live outside of the alliance service area.
  • You can easily identify your patients with strategic alliance plans by checking their customer ID card, which will display both our name and the name of the strategic alliance. The ID cards also contain contact and claim submission information.
  • You should validate a patient’s eligibility with, and submit claims to, the strategic alliance identified on the back of the ID card. The strategic alliance will process and pay the claims at your Cigna Healthcare-contracted rate.

For more information on working with our strategic alliances

Visit the Cigna for Health Care Professionals website ( > Get questions answered: Resource > Reference Guides > Medical Reference Guides.

Sample ID cards You can identify your patients who have coverage under a Cigna Healthcare strategic alliance plan by their ID card. Sample ID cards are shown below.



Priority Health

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