Administrative tutorials: Resources for a successful partnership

April 1, 2024

At Evernorth, improving your experience with us is a priority. Our administrative tutorials will help you partner most effectively with us. Explore the resources below to help ease your administrative burden and best support the behavioral health care needs of your covered patients.

New Provider Orientation tutorials
Whether you’re new to our network of participating behavioral health care providers or would just like a refresher about Evernorth administrative processes, we invite you to watch one of our 20-minute New Provider Orientation tutorials at your convenience. Whether you have questions about getting paid, our products, or who to contact for a specific need, the New Provider Orientation will give you the right resources to do business with Evernorth.

New Provider Orientations are available for: 

  • Individual providers and clinics
  • Facilities
  • Autism providers

To watch a New Provider Orientation tutorial, visit the Evernorth provider website ( > Resources > Behavioral Health Resources > Communications. tutorials and resources
Watch brief video tutorials and browse through other resources to learn how to navigate, verify a patient’s eligibility and benefits, enroll in electronic funds transfer (EFT), and more! Topics include:

For more website information, visit > Resources > Behavioral Health Education and Training.

Website Access Manager tutorial
Each individual provider, group/clinic, and facility registered on and/or is required to assign at least one, and up to 15, user(s) as website access manager(s). The website access manager at each practice manages how providers within the group register for and obtain the appropriate level of access to the website.

Learn how to approve new users for, assign or modify the website functions users have access to, and remove access for users who no longer need it.

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