Behavioral health resources for your patients

April 9, 2024

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You play a central role in your patients’ overall health. That puts you in a unique position to educate your patients about the connection between their body and mind, and how it may affect their physical health.

We also understand that sometimes your patients may need additional behavioral health care from a specialist. That’s why we created a few resources just for medical providers to make it easier for you to refer to relevant behavioral clinicians and specialists in Cigna’s network when you and your patients need it most.

Resources to support you and your patients*

Behavioral health quick reference flyer

Get information on available health care providers in Cigna’s network, as well as additional resources that may be available to your patients.

Patient flyer

Created to share with your patients, this flyer offers quick contact information for how your patients with a Cigna benefit plan can find a participating behavioral health care provider, including a “Fast Access Provider,” which offers first-time appointments in as quick as five days.

Get information and tools to help you and your patients stay emotionally resilient and foster well-being. Includes nationally available behavioral screening tools and a list of codes and services that medical providers can bill to get reimbursed for time spent discussing behavioral health needs with patients.

Cigna Crisis Line

Providers can call us at 800.244.6224 anytime and ask to speak with behavioral triage. This team can quickly help to identify the right resource to support your patients in critical need.

*Resources and/or services may be subject to a patient’s plan.

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