Digital ID cards are here

April 1, 2024

Have you noticed that more of your patients are presenting their Cigna Healthcare ID to you digitally? Cigna Healthcare is in the process of fully transitioning to digital-only ID cards* by 2025 as it strives to offer more digital-first solutions to customers and providers.

Man uses smartphone while waiting for an appointment in a doctor's office.

Digital ID cards are not new to Cigna Healthcare

They’ve been available for several years. Some of your patients with Cigna Healthcare coverage may already be presenting their digital ID card to you from their smart phone using the myCigna® App or the® customer website. But in 2024, even more of your patients may begin sharing their ID card digitally.

How patients may share their digital ID card

Your patients may share their digital Cigna Healthcare ID card by:

  • Showing it to you on their smart phone or tablet.
  • Uploading it to your health portal (as technology allows).
  • Emailing it directly to your office.
  • Printing a copy. If your health portal accepts digital ID cards, advise your patients that they can save time by uploading their card and/or registering for their account prior to their appointment.

They may also give their ID card information verbally over the phone to preregister for an appointment.

What do digital ID cards look like?

Digital ID cards look the same and have the same benefit information as printed ID cards. See the sample image below.

Digital ID card toolkit for providers and office staff

To help with your transition to digital-only Cigna Healthcare ID cards, we encourage you to visit our dedicated digital ID card web page for providers: You’ll find a digital ID card tool kit for providers and staff that contains:

  • Benefits, eligibility, and ID card look-up step-by-step guide for desktop reference.
  • Benefits, eligibility, and ID card look-up video.

In addition, you’ll find digital ID card resources for your patients, as well as frequently asked questions that may help you to interact with patients with digital Cigna Healthcare ID cards.

* Cigna Healthcare customers in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, and Texas may continue to receive printed ID cards in the mail, depending on their plan type, in compliance with their respective state’s laws.

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