Patient reviews reminders

April 1, 2024

As a reminder, verified patient reviews* display in providers’ profiles in the directory. New reviews are published on an ongoing basis.

Reviews are verified

A Cigna Healthcare customer is only sent a survey – and can only leave a review for a provider – after a claim has been processed for care received from that provider. This verifies that the review is from a provider’s actual patient.

We anticipate that customers will value these verified patient reviews over unverified reviews from third-party websites and use them as a trusted source when choosing health care providers.

How patient reviews work

After a preventive care or routine office visit, customers may receive an email with a single question that asks about their recent health care experience. Customers are also able to leave reviews from the Claims Summary and Claims Detail pages on Their response (or “review”) is vetted to ensure it meets certain editorial guidelines.

For example, the language cannot violate protected health information rules or contain profanity. Reviews that meet the guidelines will be published in the directory.

Who receives reviews?

Patient reviews are available in our online directory for both network-participating and nonparticipating providers in all specialties.

How to access your reviews

  • Log in to the Cigna for Health Care Professionals website ( If you are not a registered user of the website, go to > Register.
  • Under Latest Updates, view your patient reviews or click “Learn more” for instructions.
  • When you click “Learn more,” you will be instructed to ask your practice’s website access manager for access to patient reviews.

Once your website access manager has granted you (or the staff member you designate) access to the reviews, you can view them at any time by logging in to > Working with Cigna > Patient Reviews.

* For U.S. customers only.

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